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First Aid: Boil

A� What is a Boil? A� A boil is a painful bacterial infection deep inside the skin. This infection usually starts in the core of […]

First Aid: Myth versus Reality

a�?Better know nothing than half know many things.a�? We all are familiar with some remedy myth or some folklore, however, all the beliefs may not […]

First Aid Treatment For Low Blood Pressure

Life is full of surprises and uncertainties. However, with proper knowledge and right aid one can lessen the damage caused by unexpected happenings. Low Blood […]

First Aid for Joint Dislocation

Joint dislocation is one of the most unwanted injuries by many, because once the joints dislocate it is very likely that they may dislocate again. […]

First aid for Crush Injuries

Crush injury occurs when your body part gets caught between two high pressurized objects. This would result in squeezing of that particular part that got […]

Eye Burns: First Aid

Thermal burns The eyes, normally, are protected by the eyelids. The following are some of the objects that may cause thermal burns in the eyes: […]

How to Treat a Gunshot Wound?

In movies, heroes usually know how to treat a gunshot wound (one of the serious injuries!). What about you? Do you know? Given the number […]

First Aid to Stop Severe Bleeding

Hemorrhage which is also known as bleeding is a blood flow caused by ruptured blood vessels.A� If this occurs inside the body, it is known […]

How to Stop Severe Nose Bleeds?

Severe Nose Bleeds are not uncommon. Many of you might have been the victims of nose bleed without any warning. Although nose bleeds might look […]

What is inside a First Aid Kit?

Have you ever wondered What is inside a First Aid Kit? Most of you would say a�?yesa�? in reply to this question. A very simple […]