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First Aid for Blunt Trauma

What is Blunt Trauma? Blunt trauma is the result of a physical blow to the body, that does not pierce skin or flesh. This is […]

Using Duct Tape as First Aid Tape

Duct tape is famous for its variety of uses from hold two of anything imaginable together to being construction material for wallets and prom dresses. […]

First Aid for Bleach In Eyes and Skin

Bleach is a handy and common household item that has many uses, from disinfecting to washing clothes. Unfortunately, its frequent use also leads to frequent […]

First Aid for Severe Bleeding

Severe bleeding presents a pressing and immediate danger to anyone. Left unchecked, it can lead to unconsciousness and death.The causes of severe bleeding are limitless. […]

Essentials of a Lifeguard First Aid Kit

As a lifeguard, having the right equipment can make the difference when trying to save someone’s life. Lifeguards have the incredibly important and satisfying job […]

First Aid for Sever Dehydration

Severe dehydration is a common and deadly condition that can be difficult to treat. Dehydration occurs when a human body loses so much water, it […]

Asthma Attack First Aid

Knowing what to do if someone nearby has an asthma attack can save their life. Asthma is a cardiovascular disease that causes difficulty breathing. When […]

First Aid for Sunstroke

Sunstroke is a condition that can quickly go from dangerous to deadly, especially if proper care isn’t given immediately. Sunstroke, sometimes called heatstroke or, more […]