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First Aid for an Infected Scratch

First Aid for an Infected Scratch Most scrapes and scratches are harmless in the long run and heal quickly, without incident. Sometimes, though, thingsA� don’t […]

Heartburn Relief First Aid

Heartburn is a painful sensation caused when the fluids become too acidic and begin eroding your esophagus or stomach lining. This can be extremely uncomfortable […]

First Aid for a Dislocated Shoulder

First Aid for a Dislocated Shoulder A dislocated shoulder is an incredibly painful injury that has strong potential to cause long term damage. To get […]

Applying Raw Meat to a Wound: Does it Really Work?

There’s an old legend that says that you can slap a chunk of raw meat onto certain wounds and it will help heal the injury. […]

Ibuprofen vs. Aspirin in First Aid

Ibuprofen vs. Aspirin in First Aid One of the most important things in first aid is knowing how to deal with and counter pain. This […]

First Aid Treatment for a Fat Lip

Fat lips can be caused by a variety of culprits. Maybe the lip got accidentally bitten, or was pierced for jewellery, or got punched in […]

First Aid for a Scraped Knee

Scraped knees are an extraordinarily common injury, especially amongst kids. Any time you fall to the ground or stumble into an object, the knee is […]

First Aid for a Skinned Knee

A skinned knee might be the most common injury known to man. It happens all the time, especially to children. Any time you trip or […]

First Aid for a Mosquito Bite

Mosquito bites are among the most annoying things on the planet. They itch, burn, and sting like nothing else out there. And since mosquitoes live […]

How To Slow Bleeding In First Aid

Injuries of all types can occur at any time, and you need to be prepared them all. Often,a wound will result in bleeding. The bleeding […]