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First-Aid-For-Migraine-Headache First Aid For Migraine Headache

We all experience headache at some point. In medical terms it has been classified into different types such as sinus headache, tension headache, migraine headache […]

First Aid Kit For Kids First Aid: Hot Liquid Burns

During the chilly winters, we often enjoy a hot cup of coffee. However, the scenario of enjoyment changes when accidentally the hot cup of coffee […]

First Aid For Blisters First Aid For Blisters

Blister:A�A small blemish caused when the inner skin layer is injured and the outer skin layer remains intact. Since the body transfers serum and other […]

First Aid Rules First Aid Rules

No magic occurs without any logic First aid refers to an immediate treatment for an illness or injury. It often consists of a range of […]

First Aid: Swollen And Bleeding Gums First Aid: Swollen And Bleeding Gums

a�?A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.a�? A smile looks beautiful not only with perfect set of teeth but having natural pink gums […]

First Aid: Poison Consumption First Aid: Poison Consumption

Poison refers to any substance that is dangerous to onea��s body. It can cause serious injury, illness or even death. Poison enters the body either […]

First Aid for Fire Cracker Burns

If there is any place that knows how to celebrate a festival, it is India. Diwali being the king of all the festivals, people express […]

First Aid for Sprained Ankle

A sprained ankle is one of the most common injury observed among all the age groups. Ankle sprain complaints are not only common among the […]

First Aid: Boil

A� What is a Boil? A� A boil is a painful bacterial infection deep inside the skin. This infection usually starts in the core of […]

First Aid: Myth versus Reality

a�?Better know nothing than half know many things.a�? We all are familiar with some remedy myth or some folklore, however, all the beliefs may not […]