What is First Aid?

First aid is the term which is used for the temporary help given to any injured or sick person even before a medical practitioner reaches to the rescue. First aid is a timely assistance comprising of those medical techniques which are simple and proves to be lifesaving for the victim at that critical stage.

These life saving techniques can be easily learned by any lay man and can be carried out with the help of minimal equipments. So achieving this basic training of first aid must be provided in all schools, offices and all in general. The knowledge of first aid is a requirement of our fast, stressful and modern life.

Types of First Aid

First Aid can be of two types:

  • Emergency First Aid

It is the immediate and first response give in any life threatening medical emergency which can be either an injury or illness. This condition requires an advanced medical assistance once the first aid is done. First aid in such situations will include clearing an airway obstruction, splinting a broken bone, controlling severe bleeding etc.

  • Non- Emergency First Aid

This type of first aid initiates some basic aid for a minor medical need. In this condition an advance medical aid may or may not be required once the initial help is given. This includes pain or allergies which are in their minor stages, dressing of the cuts or injuries or abrasions etc.