First Aid Procedures

First aid is the limited care given to any illness or injury. This provides the sick or injured patient with a definite treatment until the proper care reaches the spot. The first aid consists of few basic, simple, lives- saving techniques which can be carried out by a normal person without using many instruments.

Techniques of First Aid Procedures

Few techniques of first aid for some common accidents are mentioned below:

General Techniques

  • Do not create panic, call all the emergency numbers to inform, police, ambulance, fire brigade etc.
  • Access the gravity of the situations and then take action accordingly.

Fractures and Dislocations

  • In case of fractures first immobilize the infected part.
  • Support the infected area by keeping the patient still.
  • Use a sling to support the infected part and keep it immobilize
  • In case of open fractures first control the bleeding with sterile dressing and apply pressure if required

For Strains and Sprains

In case of strain and sprain, procedure of RICE is followed:

R: R stands for rest and support to the affected limb

I: I stands for the application of the ice and cold compressed pack in the affected part

C: C stands for compressing the affected part very gently

E: E stands for elevation of the limb to reduce the flow of blood to the affected part.

Burns or Fire Outburst

  • In case of fire outburst first step is extinguish the flames with the help of extinguisher
  • All sources which can continue fire must be immediately removed
  • Now, emerge the burnt part immediately in cold water
  • Next try to remove all the jewellery and all the tight fitting clothes as these can worsen the blisters
  • Clean and pat dry the affected part and apply the dressing which is non sticky
  • Never try to break away the blisters or try to apply any lotion. Do not panic yourself or the patient. Keep the victim calm and maintain your calmness too.