Basic First Aid Instructions

First aid facilitates injured people with immediate help required at that urgent time. Basic first aid is considered as the front lines of the medical treatment. In most of the cases basic first aid can act as the complete treatment. Whether it is a case of sickness or of injury basic first aid can be of great help.

How to Call For Help

  • The first step of basic first aid is to call for help.
  • This can be done by calling the emergency number of your area. You can call at local hospital or to police.
  • Inform them of the exact address, situation like it is an accident, attack or illness etc. Also inform about the gravity of the situation like whether the people are in danger or not.

How to Resuscitate

This is the condition in which the person giving the first aid must try to wake the unconscious person first. In case he or she did not respond, then call for help to emergency numbers.

How to help an unconscious person

  • Place the unconscious person in a recovery position so that he or she can breathe properly. Place his or her nearest arm at the right angle.
  • Pull up the casualty far leg, just above the knees. You can hold the shoulder and also bent the knees to roll the person towards you. Do this until the person lies to his side.

How to Stop Bleeding

  • In order, to stop bleeding first raise the bleeding part of the injured person and try to stop the blood by covering and pressing the bleeding part with your fingers. In case of severe bleeding lay the injured immediately on the ground.
  • If the injured has a bandage tied, apply pressure to the bandage covering the wound.
  • Try to raise the hand and put the hand above the hand of the injured person. This done to prevent a condition of shock, which is a critical situation caused due to excessive bleeding.