First Aid

First Aid Rules

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First aid refers to an immediate treatment for an illness or injury. It often consists of a range of simple and basic life saving techniques that an individual performs with proper training and knowledge.

The main aim of first aid is:

  • Save the life
  • Prevent further injury
  • Advance recovery process

However, when providing first aid one needs to follow some rules.

  • Do not panic:
    Panic is one emotion that can make the situation more worse. People often make mistake because they get panic. Hence be calm and focus on the given situation. Quick and confident approach can lessen the effect of injury.
  • Call medical emergencies:
    If the situation demands, quickly call for medical assistance. Prompt approach may save the life.
  • Examine the surrounding:
    Different surroundings require different approach. Hence first study the surrounding carefully. In other words, make sure you are not in any danger as you would be of no help if you too get injured.
  • Do no further harm:
    Do not move the injured person unless he is in a burning building or drowning in the sea. In short, do not move the victim unless the situation demands. It is best to make him lie wherever he is because if the patient has back, head or neck injury, moving him would cause more harm.
  • Reassurance:
    Reassure the victim by speaking encouragingly with him.
  • Stop the bleeding:
    If the victim is bleeding, try to stop the bleeding by applying pressure over the injured part.
  • CPR:
    CPR can be life sustaining. If one is trained in CPR and the person is suffering from choking or finds difficulty in breathing, immediately begin CPR. However, if one is not trained in CPR, do not attempt as you can cause further injury.
  • Maintain the hygiene:
    Most importantly, wash your hands before giving any first aid treatment to the patient or wear gloves in order to prevent infection.
  • Cleaning andA�Dressing:
    Always clean the wound thoroughly before applying the bandage. Lightly wash the wound with clean water. Do not try to remove foreign objects that are situated deep inside. Depending upon the injury use the right dressing.
  • Replace and refill the items in the first aid box:
    Always remember to keep your first aid box well equipped.

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