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First Aid for Sprained Ankle

First Aid for Sprained AnkleA sprained ankle is one of the most common injury observed among all the age groups. Ankle sprain complaints are not only common among the sport players but also among individuals carrying out their daily life routine.

A sprain in the ankle is often experienced by a sudden twist of the ankle joint while placing the foot carelessly or when the ground is not in level or when unnecessary force is applied to the joint.



Symptom Of Sprained Ankle

  • Pain and Swelling
  • Discoloration
  • Difficulty in moving the ankle
  • Bruising

First Aid Treatment

The main aim while treating any injury is to reduce the pain and decrease the swelling as far as possible. With presence of mind and proper knowledge, one can minimize further injury or damage to ankle tissue and help in its speedy recovery.

However, depending upon the severity of the sprain, following are few first aid information to reduce the pain.


  • Protect:

    One must protect the injured ankle by minimizing the use of the sprained joint. One can make use of crutches for support.

  • Rest:

    Rest is very necessary for the recovery. It prevents from further damage. Wear a brace around the sprained ankle for comfort. Compression bandages provide good support and prevents movement of injured ankle.

  • Ice:

    One of the best treatment for a sprained ankle is applying ice or cold packs on the affected area. However, do not apply ice directly on the affected area. The best way is to wrap couple of ice pieces in a towel and then apply to the injured part. Ice packs help in reducing the swelling and the pain.

  • Elevation:

    For speedy recovery, elevate the foot above the heart level. While lying down, place few pillows below the sprained ankle whereas while sitting one can place the foot on a chair or a table.

Time to Call the Doctor:

See the doctor immediately if:

  • The pain is unbearable.
  • The sprained ankle shows no improvement even after three to four days.
  • One, is unable to bear weight on the sprained ankle.
  • Experiencing high fever.

Important points:

  • Warm up before playing any sport.
  • Wear appropriate shoes that provide proper support to the ankle.
  • Take extra care when playing on wet ground or uneven ground, especially after the recovery.

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