First Aid

First Aid for Joint Dislocation

Joint dislocation is one of the most unwanted injuries by many, because once the joints dislocate it is very likely that they may dislocate again. Joint dislocation occurs when the joints of two bones are misaligned or displaced due to sudden impact. If it is just a partial dislocation then it is called as subluxation.

Only trained medical professionals could reduce the dislocations and put the joint back together in its normal place. Before reaching for a medical professional, some first aid would always help to ease the pain and the severity of dislocations. Here are some tips:

Signs and symptoms of dislocation:

  • You would feel softness over your dislocated area, along with some swelling and as well as bruising around that area.
  • Extreme pain at the time of accident.
  • Reduced functionality of that area. For example, if it is an elbow then you might not be able to move it. You would feel severe pain if you try to move it.
  • You might feel numbness in the area right below the dislocated area due the pressure that is caused on your nerves or blood vessels.
  • The damage of blood vessels might also diminish pulse in the dislocation.

First aid:

  • Call the emergency services as soon as you could.
  • Check if the injured person is still breathing. If necessary, perform CPR or rescue breathing. If the dislocation is bleeding then take necessary steps to stop the bleeding.
  • Do not move the injured person. If you have to move then try not to grab him by his/her body.
  • If there are any open wounds then cover them with clean cloth with sterile bandages.
  • Do not try to move the dislocated arm or joint. If you do try to move then you might cause severe damage to that joint.
  • Check if there is enough blood flow to the wounded area.
  • Keep the victim calm until the emergency services arrives.
  • Help keep the victim stay warm by him/her by a blanket.

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