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First Aid to Stop Severe Bleeding


which is also known as


is a blood flow caused by ruptured blood vessels.A� If this occurs inside the body, it is known as internal bleeding. On the other hand if it happens outside the body then it is called an external bleeding.

There are three sub-categories of bleeding:

The arterial bleeding:

It is the sprays of bright red blood; this is considered as a serious type of bleeding and hard to control

The venous bleeding:

It is the bleeding from the veins. The blood is dark red and flows steadily.

Capillary bleeding:

Mild bleeding and it is not that serious. Example of such kind could be the bleeding from a cut caused a��a��by shaving.


: This article focuses on first aid techniques that would help to stop severe bleeding! Therefore first we should understand what we really mean by severe bleeding?

We consider arterial or venous bleeding as

excessive bleeding

, that is, this would soak a thick napkin, cloth or paper in seconds.

Among all the above kinds, the arterial bleeding is the most dangerous one because blood loss occurs very rapidly, and you could loose serious amount of blood in minutes, that could become fatal if not controlled.

In all cases, it is very important to stop the bleeding as soon as possible, because a loss of a liter of blood in an adult (who has an average of five liters blood in his/her body) is sufficient to put his/her life in danger.

Symptoms shown in cases of heavy external bleeding:

  • Patienta��s skin might become pale
  • Increased pulse rate
  • Heavy breathing
  • One might also feel dizziness after experiencing an injury and losing blood
  • Weakness

First Aid

    The following first aid techniques are only appropriate for external bleeding. In cases of heavy bleeding or internal bleeding, obtain emergency aid immediately.


  • First you should calm the patient down because seeing onea��s own blood might frighten that person.
  • If the wound is shallow then wash it with warm water and soap then dry it with a clean cloth. Shallow wounds are the ones that affect only the surface layers of skin with slow bleeding.
  • Make the person lay down because this would help to avoid the chances of patient fainting and it also increases the brain blood flow.
  • If possible you can try to raise the part thata��s bleeding
  • If there are any objects such as knife or arrow are stuck to the wound,

    DO NOT

    try to remove it. If you do it might increase the bleeding, instead just place bandages or if you dona��t have a first aid kit handy, place a clean cotton cloth and tape it.

  • Use a clean cloth or bandage to apply direct pressure on the outer wound. This is the best way to control bleeding for external wounds.
  • You can continue to apply till the bleeding stops then you can appropriately dress the wound later.
  • If bleeding is out of control and leaks through the bandage then place another one on the top and immediately call for medical attention.
  • In cases of severe bleeding it is also important to take preventive measures to stop shock.
  • It is absolutely NOT advisable to apply tourniquet to try and control bleeding. A�It has to be the last resort



  • The substitution of manual compression by the compression bandage should be done as quickly as possible. You must follow the following steps when dressing a wound to stop bleeding.
  • Bandage or clean cloth should completely cover the bleeding wound.
  • The band that keeps the fabric in place over the wound should completely cover it and be long enough to make at least two rounds.
  • The band should have sufficient pressure to prevent bleeding resumes. Care must be taken not to over tighten the band.
  • Do not remove the dressing, which is in contact with the wound, even if it is soaked in blood, you could pull clots in trying and make it re-bleed.

Ita��s always wise to be cautious in all cases to prevent any kind of severe accidents and severe bleedings. In case if it happens then you can use the above techniques to stop severe bleedings.

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