First Aid

First Aid for an Infected Scratch

First Aid for an Infected Scratch

Most scrapes and scratches are harmless in the long run and heal quickly, without incident. Sometimes, though, thingsA� don’t go so perfectly. If certain bacteria get in the wound, they can reproduce and grow, causing an infection. Infections are also generally harmless, at least initially. Sometimes, though, they grow to dangerous degrees and can lead to serious injury, illness and death. Here’s some first aid tips for an infected scratch should should help minimize the damage and risk.

Clean the scratch

Wash the soap thoroughly with soap and warm water. Let the infected area soak for a while in warm water so that the area gets soft and swollen.

Rub the Scratch

With some kind of cloth or mild abrasive, rub the scratch to remove the top laters of the infection, if there are any. This will allow for a better inspection and tretment of the living infection cells.

Disinfect the scratch

First pour hydrogen peroxide over the infected scratch. This may tingle and bubble a bit, but that’s ok. Give it a minute, then wash the scratch again with soap and warm water. Then, pour alcohol or s similar disinfecting liquid over it. This is likely to sting some, but again, that’s ok. Wash it again and let it dry. Tehn apply some kind of antibiotic ointment or cream.

Bandage the wound

Let the wound dry, then bandage it firmly. Don’t tie the bandage too tight, as you don’t want to cut off any circulation.

Activity and diet

Try not to bee to active, rest a lot, especially the area with the infection. Eat healthy foods with lots of infection-fighting nutrients. Fresh fruits and vegetables will go a long way towards helping you in this endeavour. You can get mild antibiotics that you take orally if you think you need them from a pharmacy.


If the infection persists for much longer or grows and expands, immediately see a doctor for advanced antibiotic treatment.

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