First Aid

First Aid Treatment for Paper Cuts

First Aid Treatment for Paper Cuts

It’s surprising how something small and seemingly insignificant can make your life miserable. For instance, take mosquitoes, a pebble in your shoe, or, in this case, a paper cut. A paper cut is a tiny cut in your skin caused by the sheet of paper. Paper is very thin and can have jagged edged. When stiff enough, paper can act like a tiny saw blade. Paper cuts are rarely more than a couple millimeters deep, and are often to slim they seem invisible tot he naked eye. But anyone who has experienced one knows that paper cuts might look tiny, but they feel huge.

Here’s proper treatment for paper cuts steps you can use to minimize damage, reduce healing time and dull pain.

1. Wash it
The first thing you should do in treatment for paper cuts is wash the wound with warm, soapy water. This will help clear out any debris from inside and around the cut.

2. Disinfect it
In case the paper carried some kind of harmful bacteria into your skin, you need to disinfect the area. Pour a little alcohol into it, or slather on some antibiotic ointment for a less painful approach.

3. Bandage it
Usually, paper cuts are so small they can be safely covered by a single small adhesive bandage. If the cut is in an unusual place where band-aids don’t work well, you might have to get creative with some gauze and medical tape.

4. For pain
In the last part of treatment for paper cuts, you can start dealing with the pain aspect of the injury. First, you can apply a cold pack for a few minutes over the wound. This will numb the area and keep swelling down, reducing long term pain. Be sure not to keep it on there too long or you risk tissue damage. Additionally, you can take over the counter pain killers, like aspirin and ibuprofen, so dull the pain. Always be sure to closely follow the instructions with the medicine to make sure you use ti safely.

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