First Aid

First Aid Treatment for a Fat Lip

Fat lips can be caused by a variety of culprits. Maybe the lip got accidentally bitten, or was pierced for jewellery, or got punched in a fight. Whatever the cause, a fat lip is no laughing matter. It can me extremely uncomfortable and inconvenient. The quicker you treat a fat lip, the less severe its symptoms will be in the long term. So, it’s extremely important to know the proper first aid procedures to deal with it.

Sealing it up

The the fat lip is also bleeding, then that’s the first thing you need to address. Put pressure on it with a clean cloth, gauze pad, or paper towel until is stops. Apply some kind of medicated balm, like Blistex, to the cut to help prevent infection. Bandaging the lip can be very difficult, so don’t worry about it, just keep it clean. Your mouth heals very quickly from small cuts.

Reducing Swelling

The swelling of a fat lip will actually cause more pain than a small cut or bruise, so this is the next thing you want to tackle. The best way to keep swelling to a minimum is to apply a cold pack to the fat lip. You can wrap a moist towel around a few ice cubes, or use a bag of frozen vegetables. Just be sure that ice is never directly touching the lip, at least not for an extended period of time.
Hold the cold pack there for ten to fifteen minute intervals. Then wait at least half an hour before applying it again. Long term exposure to extreme cold can cause serious tissue damage and make things worse than they already are.

Dealing With Pain

Hopefully, applying the cold pack will have gone a long way towards numbing and reducing the pain. If you’d like, you can take over the counter medication, such as ibuprofen or aspirin. Ibuprofen in particular is especially helpful because it not only dulls pain but also helps reduce swelling as well.
Avoid spicy or highly acidic food and drinks for a while, especially if your fat lip is cut as well.

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