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How to Sterilize a Needle for First Aid

How to Sterilize a Needle for First Aid

Injuries come in innumerable forms. It’s impossible to always be prepared for all of them. Sometimes, an injury comes along which required the use of a needle. Even if you’re not completely prepared for this, it may happen that you have access to the very needle you need. Unfortunately, you should avoid sticking an unsterilised needle in a person. So, if your needle isn’t clean, you might be out of luck–unless you can clean it.

How to Sterilize a Needle

Types of Needles

  • Solid vs. Hollow

    There are many different kinds of needles, for different purposes. For instance, some are for sewing, and can be used for stitches if you need to apply them to a wound. Others are hollow, for injecting or extracting fluids from the body. These need to be cleaned differently. Specifically, with the holloe needle, you must be sure to clean both the inside AND the outside.

  • Materia

    l This is the other major thing to consider when you want to sterilize a needle. Needles can be made from metal, plastic, or glass. Some metals can react with certain chemicals to produce deadly combinations. Plastic has a very low melting point and should never be sterilized with heat. Keep these things in mind when doing your work.

Sterilizing a Needle With Heat

  • 1. Wash the needle with soap and water. Even heat can’t remove dirt and grime.
  • 2. Find a steady source of fire. Gas-fueled fires are preferred, as they get less dirt and soot on the needle.
  • 3. Hold the needle near the flame. don’t put it in or over the flame, instead, run the needle along the side.

Sterilizing the Needle With Chemicals

  • 1. Get a small cup
  • 2. Fill the cup halfway with the chemical you want to use
  • 3. When choosing a chemical, find one that is very strong. Bleach and rubbing alcohol are good choices.
  • 4. Insert the needle. Leave it there for a minute
  • 5. Remove the needle. Try not to get any of the chemical on your skin or clothing

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