First Aid

First Aid for a Jammed Finger

First Aid for a Jammed Finger

Assess the Damage

Some finger jams are very severe, others are relatively mild and can be handled by your own. If your finger is severely bruised, misshapen, or has no mobility at all, you should seek medical assistance. It’s not an emergency, but it’s not something that you should try to treat on your own.A� Otherwise, you can follow these steps to help treat your jammed finger.

Clean It

If, during the jamming process, the flesh was opened, be sure to clean and dress that wound first. Use standard first aid procedures for the cleaning of the wound.

Immobilise It

If, after twenty minutes, the finger is still extremely painful to move, you can splint it. To do this, place a popsicle stick on the bottom of your finger, then wrap your finger and the stick first with gauze and then tape to secure it. If possible, you may also want to attach it to an adjoining finger for extra support.

Killing the Pain

You can apply cold to the wound to reduce pain and swelling. You can either put the jammed finger in an ice bath, or simply wrap it in a cold pack. Be sure to do so for intervals of only ten to twenty minutes, with at least half an hour in between.

You can also take mild, over the counter medication to help ease the pain. Be sure to follow the medication’s instructions carefully to avoid improper use.

After First Aid

Keep a close eye on the finger after you’ve treated it. If it doesn’t regain full mobility within a day, consider seeing a doctor about it. Also look for signs of severe swelling and bruising.

Continue keeping it on ice, and slowly practice bending it it various directions to regain movement control.

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