First Aid

First Aid for a Stab Wound

A stab wound is a particularly nasty and usually deliberate injury from a knife or other similarly bladed object. A stab wound can go deep into flesh and make long cut, making it extremely dangerous to a person’s life. If you come across someone with a stab wound, you may need to act quickly in order to keep them from coming to lasting damage or death.

Stay Safe and Get Help

Protect yourself first here. If someone has been stabbed, the attacker might still be around. If you get hurt also, you’re only making the situation worse. Call for police and emergency medical personnel immediately. They’ll be needed for investigations and advanced medical treatment.

Check for Vital Signs

The aid you need to administer varies on what kind of condition the person in. If they’re not breathing or have no pulse, you should administer CPR if you’ve been trained to do so or use an AED if there is one handy. It is important that the person keeps take in in oxygen and pumping it to their muscles, especially their brain.

Control the Bleeding

This is probably the most significant the an average civilian can do in first aid for a stab wound.

  1. If possible, put on plastic or latex gloves to avoid contact with blood and infecting the wound.
  2. If the bladed object is still in the wound, don’t remove it. Apply the bandages around the object as best as you can.
  3. You need to apply pressure tot he wound. The best way to do this is to press some kind of bandaging material, such as a cloth, towel, or article of clothing firmly against the wound.
  4. Hold the bandaging there until help arrives. If the bandage bleeds through, do not remove it. Instead, apply more padding on top of it.
  5. If the person loses too much blood, they may go into chock. Be prepared to treat for shock, if necessary,.

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