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First Aid for Someone Who’s Swallowed a Penny

There’s something strange about coins that seem to makeA� children want to put them in their mouths. Maybe it’s the small size, or the smooth bumpy texture, or the metallic taste. Whatever the reason, once a kid decides to put a coin in his mouth, you often end up with someone who’s swallowed a penny. Sometimes, you even come across an adult who’s swallowed a penny. Either way, this is obviously a problem, especially if the coin is larger than a penny. Here are some first aid tips for someone who has swallowed a penny.

Find out if it’s stuck in the throat

This is the absolute first thing you need to do. If the person is choking, you may need to act immediately to save their life. If this is the case, fall for emergency medical help immediately. If the person fall unconscious, then you should administer CPR if you’re trained to do so. Remember that CPR steps are slightly different for children than for adults, and act accordingly.

However, most coins are fairly small and smooth, and can make it to the stomach without much of a problem, especially if they only swallowed a penny. Bigger coins like quarters are more likely to get stuck, but are still usually not a problem. If the coin made it safely to the stomach, then there’s no immediate emergency. Don’t panic or bother to contact emergency services.

Food and Drinks

If possible you should avoid giving the person too much food or drinks immediately after swallowing a coin. This can complicate the removal process, so don’t do this unless instructed to by a doctor. Sometimes the person may have a sore throat from swallowing the coin; if that’s the case; then give them a small amount of water. In addition, to not attempt to force the person to vomit the coin out; it’s much more likely to get lodged in the throat this way.

Get Medical Advice

Take the person to a doctor as soon as possible. They will give you a recommendation based on the kind of coin and the person who swallowed a penny. Be sure to follow it to avoid complications.

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