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First Aid Vertigo

Vertigo is the condition of dizziness in which the patient faces the illusions of motion which are mostly rotational in nature. It is a serious condition which can increase the risks of other serious conditions like heart stroke or tumors etc. There are different types of vertigo conditions like objective vertigo, peripheral vertigo and central vertigo.

In this article we will be discussing some of the basic first aid tips which can be given at the time when the attack of vertigo takes place.

First Aid Tips For treating Vertigo Condition:

Here are few simple first aid simple tips which can be followed for treating the vertigo condition. They are:

  • If you are suffering with migraine along with dizziness then you must consult a doctor for proper prescription.
  • All you can do instantly is to lay down calmly in a cool room as this combination can sometime results in loss of balance or falls.
  • Once your dizziness reduces, sit straight on a chair or on a low table with your legs up. Now try to move your feet above your head. This will increase the flow of blood in the backward direction towards the brain. Once you have completed the activity, make sure that stand up slowly as the condition can retrieve again all of a sudden while you stand.
  • In order to relax just sit straight and breathe deeply, concentrate on your heart beat. Avoid the influence of cigarettes, alcohol or any other triggering liquid.
  • Sometimes some side effect like ear infection can trigger this condition. In this case you can use hot pads to cure the cause which is responsible for the attack.

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