First Aid

First Aid for Breathing In Fumes

The problem of breathing is caused due to reasons like illness, stress, abdominal pain, infection or due to some injury. The problem arises when any of these reasons reduces the level of oxygen in the blood thus making the person to struggle while breathing.

First Aid Tips For Breathing In Fumes (Choking) For Children:

Some of the tips which can be followed for choking purposes in children are:

  • Place the baby in such a position that the head of the baby is below the chest.
  • Make the baby comfortable in your lap and hold the head and jaw firmly .
  • In order to give an instant relief, give a tight blow on the back in between the blades of the shoulders.
  • If this do not work properly, give chest thrusts . In order to do this, make the child comfortable on your lap and place the fingers in the center of the chest and press it deep inside.
  • Give 5 chest thrusts in one go. If it do not work then back trash followed by chest thrusts.
  • If the air passage do not open up give mouth to mouth respiration so that the air can blow down the hindering object.

First Aid Tips For Breathing In Fumes (Choking) For Adults:

Some of the first aid tips for choking in adults include:

  • Place the head of the affected person in such a manner that it is placed just below the chest.
  • In order to remove the blockage just give five thrusts at the back and then from the front on the chest.
  • Just stand behind the injured and try to encircle his waist with the arms.
  • Using your hands try to grab the ribs and pull them in the upward direction. Repeat this activity till the time the dislodged item is totally removed.
  • In case the dislodged item is not removed alternatively give abdominal and chest thrusts to see immediate results.
  • In case the person becomes unconscious, then call for emergency help immediately.

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