First Aid

Different Types Of First Aid Kits

First aid kits are of various types depending upon the location where they are used. Inn this article we will be discussing some of these first aid kit types.

Types Of First Aid Kits:

Some of the types of first aid kits include:

  • Basic First Aid Kit:

    This is general kit which carries all the items that can be usually used. For instant, an antibiotic, burn ointment, alcohol wipes, gauze pads and tape, tweezers, scissors, gloves etc. The items kept in the basic first aid kit will cover the minor injuries and not very complex injuries.

  • Standard First Aid Kit:

    This is a kind of basic first aid kit. These kits have small scissors, ice packs, alcohol wipes, tweezers, ice packs, gloves. Adhesive bandages of several sizes, will also be of great help at the time of emergency.

  • Sports Or Health Club Kits:

    These kinds of kits are prepared specifically for some sports meet or some camping purposes. These are special as they carry some additional items for that activity. Like sting bite kit, some antibiotics, eye pads, pads for burn relief, electrolyte tablets, guide for first aid etc.

  • Outdoor Kits:

    These kits are used whenever you are out of the house. These kits must be handy and must carry all the necessary items which can be used at the time of emergency.

  • Medical Kits:

    These kits carry very specialized items used in medical field. For kit to tackle heart attack, CPR face shield for both kids and adults, Automatic External Defibillaor for both kids and adults.

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