First Aid

Types Of First Aid Bandages

Bandages are available in various sizes in the market.Every bandage is designed to suit a particular type injury. While a applying a bandage care must be taken that your finger do not touch the white sterile part of the band aid otherwise it will contaminate the wound on its application.

Various Types Of First Aid Bandages:

Here are some of the basic types of sterile first aid bandages. They are:

  • Strip Bandages:

    These are the most common type of first aid bandages which are used for minor cuts and bruises on a flat surface.

  • Finger Tip Bandage:

    This is used only at the finger tip. In case of a cut at the tip of the finger these bandages are very useful.

  • Knuckle Bandage:

    It is used to cure an injury at and around the knuckle.

  • Butterfly Closure:

    It is used for curing and preventing infection at the both the sides. This band aid will pull both sides together and heal the injury and will also prevent it from any further infection too.

  • Donut Bandage:

    It is used for putting pressure around the impale object without putting pressure on the object itself. This is attached to the gauze or to the tape for its application.

  • Pressure Bandage:

    A pressure bandage has a gauze roll layer containing an inner absorbent layer which has a porous cotton which is applied on the wound. The gauze roll is applied around the cotton pad which helps it in holding to its place around the wound.

  • Gauze Roll:

    These are available in various shapes and sizes and helps in holding the gauze pad in its place.

  • Triangular Bandage:

    This bandage takes a sufficient space in the first aid kit. Although when it is wrapped it is just 3 inches long but when unwrapped it comes out to be a long length of cloth which is used as a sling at the time of fractures.

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