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Asthma Attack First Aid

Knowing what to do if someone nearby has an asthma attack can save their life.

Asthma is a cardiovascular disease that causes difficulty breathing. When a person has an asthma attack several things go wrong in their throats to make it very difficult for them to breath properly. The major occurences here are the tightening and swelling of the throat, and an increase and mucus production. These together can be a dangerous and even deadly combination.

If you see someone suffering from an asthma attack, you may be needed to help save their life. Use these tips for asthma attack first aid.

Find out if they need help

This is the first thing you can do. Sometimes, interfering can be worse than just leaving things alone. Getting a person with an attack flustered will only make things worse, so be calm and collected. Someone who has asthma probably knows better than you do what they need, so defer to them.

If they’re unable to signal you, either from inability to breath or unconciousness, then it’s probably appropriate to intervene.

Call for assistance

If you decide the person does need help, then you should first call emergency services. Inform them that it’s an asthma attack, and if you can, give them the person’s name. If you’re in public call around you for people with medical experience.

Find the cause of the attack

Sometimes an asthma attack occurs randomly. Usually, though, something caused it. It can be anything distressing, from loud music to a bee sting. If possible, remove any causes of stress. Alternatively, you can try to bring the person away from the stressful situation.

Find out if they have medication

If they are able to respond, ask them if they have medication. Most people with severe asthma will carry something around with them for situations like this, often in the form of an inhaler. If necessary, assist them in taking it.

If the person is unconscious, try to find the medication on their person. Search pockets, bags, purses, and the like. Do NOT try to force-medicate the person. However, keep it handy in case the person revives, and hand it to medical personnel when they arrive.

If the person stops breathing

This is the worst case scenario in asthma attack first aid. If this occurs, then the person only has a few minutes before risking serious damage to the brain and eventual death. If you or anyone nearby has been trained in rescue breathing or CPR, then have it administered. If you don’t know how, then ask the emergency services person that you called for instructions.

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