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Types Of Burn Kits

Burn kits are those kits which carry all the items which can be used at time of burn injury.The burn kits can be categorized in 3 categories like:

  • Small Emergency Burn Kit
  • Industrial Emergency Burn Kit
  • Emergency Burn Kit

In this article we will be discussing all these kits in detail.

Types Of Burn Kits:

The types of burn kits include:

Small Emergency Burn Kit:

As the name suggest it is a small kit which can be used for treating minor burns. This kit is ideal for company’s, trucks and other vehicles or it can be used at home also. The contents of small emergency burn kit include:

  • 3 burn gel packets
  • 1 cold pack
  • 1 burn dressing
  • 1 roll gauze
  • 1 adhesive pad
  • 2 gloves
  • 3 gauze pads

Industrial Emergency Burn Kit:

This medical kit is used in the initial stage of treatment before the medical aid arrives. The contents of this kit include:

  • 3 burn gel packets
  • 2 cold packets
  • 2 burn dressings
  • 2 roll gauze
  • 6 gauze pads
  • 1 adhesive tape
  • 1 scissor
  • 2 vinyl gloves

Emergency Burn Kit:

This kit all equipped with all the required items which can be used at the time of emergency. The contents of this kit include:

  • 1 burn dressing (big size)
  • 2 burn dressings (small size)
  • 6 burn gel packets
  • 4 cold packs
  • 1 cohesive bandage
  • 8 gauze pads
  • 3 roll gauze
  • 2 adhesive tapes
  • 1 paramedic scissor
  • 2 vinyl gloves

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