First Aid

First Aid For Fractures And Dislocations

Fractures and dislocations are two different condition. A fracture is a condition where the bone suffers a crack or break due to some sudden fall, blow or twist. The fractures are of two types, open fracture is the condition in which bone pierces in the skin. The closed fracture is a condition in which skin is broken.

Dislocation is the condition in which the bone slips from its original position of alignment in the joint.

Signs And Symptoms Of Fractures:

The signs and symptoms of fracture include:

  • Pain and tenderness in the broken limb
  • Swelling will also be there
  • Discoloration in the skin
  • Difficulty in movement of broken part and smooth breathing

Treatment For Fractures:

The treatment of fracture includes:

  • In case there is any bleeding then treat it first and then try to move the person a little.
  • Do not try to move the broken limb or part as it can worsen the fracture.
  • In order to give a firm support to the broken limb or part, tie it against the body using a sling.
  • Do not give anything to eat or drink to the patient, as it can result in vomiting.
  • Keep the person warm, this will also prevent him or her from the state of shock.

Signs And Symptoms Of Dislocations:

The signs and symptoms of dislocations include:

  • Deformed look will be there in the dislocated part
  • Swelling, pain and tenderness will be there in the dislocated part

Treatment For Dislocation:

The treatment of dislocation includes:

  • Never try to push back the dislocated bone forcefully
  • Try to hold it using a splint and allow it move continuously
  • If possible try elevate the dislocated part to ensure slow movement of blood in the affected part
  • Consult a doctor immediately who will place the dislocated bone back into its socket

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