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Wasp Bites First Aid

Wasp bites are different from insect bite as they do not have a stinger to remove. All you can do is to reduce the intensity of the wasp venom. The incident can be severe for the people who are allergic to insect sting and can show symptoms which are severe. It is for the same reason that instant first aid is required which can prevent anaphylaxis, which can even result in heart stroke.

Wasp Bites First Aid:

Some of the First aid tips for wasp bite includes:

  • The first and foremost thing is to keep the affected part cool for at least half an hour. For this application of an ice pack on the affected part is the best remedy. If you are using ice cover it in a piece of cloth and then apply.
  • Now, saturate the affected part with acidic solution. This can be done by pouring a ball of cotton or a piece of paper cloth in a lemon solution or vinegar. Now, place this drench cotton ball or paper piece on the affected part. This acidic solution will reduce the basicity of the venom and bring in relief.
  • Apply a tropical lotion after soaking it with a acidic solution.
  • Use of antihistamine medication will decrease the inflammation and itching as the sting will heal.
  • In case a wasp has bitten in your mouth while you were drinking, then keep a piece of ice inside your mouth which will reduce inflammation and will also minimize swelling.

Symptoms Of Wasp Bite:

Some of the symptoms of wasp bite include:

  • Tightness will be there in the throat
  • The patient will have difficulty in breathing
  • High temperature or fever will be there
  • Reddish appearance will be there
  • Person can faint or can have a feeling of dizziness
  • Rapid heart beat will be there
  • Upset stomach, diarrhea or vomiting will be there
  • Swelling will be there on the mouth, lips, tongue, cheeks, neck or eyes
  • Rapid or shallow breathing will be there’>

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  1. Thank you. I was told wasp do not bite, but I saw it bite me. The stinger part never touched me. My arm is red, itchy, and swollen. Thank you for your advice and acknowling that they do bite. Bless you.

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