First Aid

Electrocution First Aid

In electrocution electricity flows from the body of the casualty. Body contains 70% water so it is good conductors of electricity. While treating electrocution it is important to power off electric supply to the gadgets. If that is not possible use bad conductors of electricity like wood or rubber to move the casualty away from the supply.


  • Stop electric supply, do not try to touch the casualty directly. First of all power off electric supply directly or else break the contact of victim with the help of non conductive objects like wood, rubber.
  • If the victim is in contact with downed power lines then do not try to rescue.
  • Immediately call for emergency medical treatment.
  • Casualty either conscious or unconscious needs to be hospitalized.

First Aid Procedure

  • Check airway and breathing of the casualty. This can be done with the help of ABC test that is airway, breathing and circulation. If any of this are missing immediately give mouth to mouth respiration to the casualty or CPR according to the need to keep his pulse and breathing normal.
  • There will be electric burns on the body of casualty. This burns are third degree burns. They come in pair as an entry wound that is smaller and exit wound that is larger in size. Cover the wound with the help of sterile dressing pad.

Treating Unconscious Casualty

  • Start primary assessment with ABC test to check.
  • Do not place the casualty in recovery position.
  • Make the victim be straight as serious shock can cause multiple fractures , muscle contraction and even injury in head, neck and back.
  • It is important to keep check of breathing as cardiac rhythm can cause cardiac arrest.

Important Note

  • Call your local emergency telephone number
  • United Kingdom- 999
  • USA and Canada- 911
  • European Union countries including the United Kingdom and GSM mobiles-112.
  • Numbers will be different in other countries.

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