First Aid

Scald First Aid

Scald is described as injury caused due to liquid or steam. The main aim is to cool down the area as soon as possible. This will reduce pain and swelling. add water to the affected area will be very useful. take immediately to the doctor.


  • First check is the casualty conscious or unconscious. If the casualty is unconscious this is due to the shock of the incident.
  • check ABC that is airway, breathing and circulation of the casualty.
  • Than place the casualty in cool water.
  • If flowing water is not available than the affected area can be put into a bowl of water.
  • You can also use milk or any drink which in non-fizzy.
  • See to it that the flow of water is not with high pressure. This can worsen the condition.
  • Do not apply cream or any ointment as the cream or ointment wont work unless the heat level is reduced. Even if ointment is applied it is removed after the casualty is taken to hospital to enable medical treatment.
  • Burn on mouth and throat can be life threatening as scald causes swelling and swelling in this areas can affect breathing.
  • Loosen the cloths or remove the cloths from the affected area. The area gets swelled so it is important to remove the cloths. Remove the cloths carefully it can harm further. Do not try to remove cloths which stick to the body parts.
  • Once the area is cooled. Cover the affected area with a clean cloth or a dressing pad. This is done to reduce the swelling and further reduce further infection.
  • If the scald is minor, than also take the casualty to the hospital. It needs to be treated. If it is a major or else on mouth or neck then immediately call for emergency as it can be life threatening.

Important Note:

  • Call your local emergency telephone number
  • United Kingdom- 999
  • USA and Canada- 911
  • European Union countries including the United Kingdom and GSM mobiles-112.
  • Numbers will be different in other countries.

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