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Hyperthermia First Aid

Sun stroke and heat stroke are some names for hyperthermia. It is a condition in which the person body produces or absorbs more heat. This is generally observed in summer as the body is more exposed to heat. The homeothermal regulatory mechanism gets affected and then stops working effectively. In this the body temperature of the patient goes up and down very frequently. This condition requires immediate hospitalization.

Temperature Variations

  • If the temperature goes above 40 degree than it is life threatening.
  • If the temperature goes above 41 degree than it damages brain.
  • If the temperature goes above 45 degree than death is almost certain.
  • If the temperature goes above 50 degree than it makes the muscles rigid and causes immediate death.

First Aid Procedure for Hyperthermia

  • Move the patient from hot to cool area.
  • Shower the patient with cool water.
  • Wrap the patient and held the patient in a cooler atmosphere.
  • Do not give the patient anything to eat or drink.
  • If the patient is recovering still medical treatment is recommended and the patient shouldn’t be left unattended.
  • Constantly keep a check on breathing and heart beat of the patient with the help of ABC test.
  • Cold compressions are available which can be very useful in lowering the temperatures.
  • Medications to reduce temperature shouldn’t be given to the patient as it can further harm.
  • It is important that the patient is placed in recovery position.
  • If the casualty is unconscious than reduce the body temperature do not give a bath or else give it carefully.
  • Continue the first aid treatment until the medical emergency is available.

Important Note:

  • Call your local emergency telephone number
  • United Kingdom- 999
  • USA and Canada- 911
  • European Union countries including the United Kingdom and GSM mobiles-112
  • Numbers will be different in other countries.

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