First Aid

First Aid Procedure for Fracture

In common terminology crack or breakage in bone is called fracture. Although bone is very hard, it can break if too much pressure is extended on the bone. Breakage of bone is observed in children’s and aged people as their bones are weak than young people. It is very important to understand the bone fracture type as little carelessness can lead to severe damage to your bone.

Types of Fracture

  • Simple fracture:

    It is simple crack in bone. There is no injury. Their is a swelling in the broken part. The affected area is dislocated.

  • Compound Fracture:

    In this fracture the skill also gets injured along with the bone. Their is bleeding in the affected area. This is an open wound.

  • Comminuted Fracture:

    In this fracture the bone breaks into pieces or pulverized. This kind of fracture is seen in vehicle accident or collapse of a building.

  • Complicated Fracture:

    In this fracture bone is broken into pieces further it injures arteries, organs ad veins.

  • Green stick Fracture:

    This is a specialized fracture observed in children’s as their bone is not brittle. Bone are not detached into parts completely.

  • Impacted Fracture:

    This is fracture in which the bone do not break but instead are joined into each other.

First aid for Fracture

  • First of all do not mobilize the patient.
  • Examine the affected area and give support.
  • Its very important to first stop bleeding.
  • If the bleeding is not seen only swelling is observed then apply ice on affected area to reduce pain and swelling.
  • Bandage the wound with thick cotton pad.
  • Splint the fracture site of the patient.
  • Take the patient immediately to the hospital.

Symptoms of Fracture:

  • The area gets swollen.
  • The skin of affected area turns black.
  • You will observe increase temperature at affected area when compared with other parts of body.

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