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How to prevent Accidents at Work Place

An accident is any event that is not planned that results in property damage or personal injury. Accidents are caused due to many reasons and if we try to understand why an accident occurs then this is the first step to prevention. Here are a few tips to prevent accidents at work place.

Here’s how to prevent Accidents:

Avoiding Safety Procedures:

  • Follow the rules and procedures set by the company as they are kept for some purpose.
  • When we fail to follow safety procedures, we risk the life of workers.
  • We should not have a casual attitude towards safety.
  • Having such an attitude can endanger the life of many people.

Over confidence:

  • Over confidence can be very dangerous.
  • People think that this can never happen to me.Such an attitude results in improper procedures while working.


  • When an employee becomes efficient, they tend to take more shortcuts.
  • This can lead to unsafe conditions and can increase the chances for accidents.
  • Do not go for time saving activity.

Instructions not taken Completely:

  • A new worker can be shy about asking for instructions and may not know how to do things correctly.
  • When a new employee joins, training is a must to prevent accidents.
  • Never try to assume that everyone knows his or her job perfectly.

Mental Distractions:

  • When doing a task it requires lot of mental attention.
  • When you get distracted or disturbed because of mental trauma.
  • The focus on the task is disturbed which results in problems at the work place.
  • Leave all the problems at home and focus on the task given.

Poor House-keeping:

  • When the work place is maintained well, it sets a standard for all.
  • Poor housekeeping creates danger and is a risk for accidents.
  • When the housekeeping is good it gives us a safe environment.


  • Never be in a hurry to finish the task as it can be a hazard.
  • Think properly and then plan well before doing any task at workplace.
  • Plan your work and then work your plan.

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