First Aid

First aid and Preparation for Cold Wave

The victim should be covered with warm blankets and he should be taken indoors. Warm the victim slowly as rapid warming can cause severe heart problems. People can prepare themselves when they know about cold waves through weather forecast.

Immediate Care:

  • Firstly, cover the victim with warm blankets.
  • The victim should be moved inside the house.
  • Room heaters should be put on.
  • Warm broth and soup must be given.
  • Hot bath can also be given.
  • Soak the victims feet in warm water.
  • Drink warm, non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Chemical heat packs can be applied on the neck and armpits of the victim.
  • Warm the victim, slowly as rapid warming may lead to serious heart problems.
  • If the victim is not recovering, call for the emergency medical services.
  • Make the victim take rest.
  • Do not allow the victim to walk.

Preparation for cold wave:

  • People can store water, food and other needed things before a cold wave.
  • Suitable stocks of forage can be secured before cold waves for livestock.
  • The crops that are vulnerable can be sprayed with water.
  • This procedure protects the plants by freezing and absorbing the cold from surrounding air.
  • The freezing of water releases heat that protects the fruit.
  • Smudge pots can be used.
  • The hospitals can prepare for the admission of victims affected by cold wave.
  • Wear clothes that make you feel warm.
  • Dress in layers if going outside.
  • Store candles, flashlights, portable fuel and matches for wood used in fire places or stoves.


The use of charcoal for cooking or heating is a dangerous thing as there is a risk for carbon monoxide poisoning.

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