First Aid

First aid for Drowning

Drowning is a major global health problem. It is the process of experiencing impairment in respiratory system due to immersion in any liquid, mostly water. The first aider should be wise and follow the below steps for saving a drowning victim.

Rescue Operations for a Drowning Victim:

  • Remain calm and don’t get panicked easily.
  • Firstly, throw a long wire or rope with an easy to float object to the victim.
  • A long and strong stick can also be used to reach the victim.
  • Get a canoe and slowly get the victim to the shore.
  • Do not pull the victim into the canoe.
  • If u pull the victim, due to the force both of them will fall in water.
  • Slowly grasp the hand and pull the victim to safety.

Swim and Rescue:

  • It is the last resort, if the first aider is well trained in water rescue, he can attempt it.
  • Calm the victim and approach him from behind and move closer.
  • A tensed victim can pull you down.
  • Cupping of hand or arm below the victims chin and get the victim with face up to shore gently.
  • The best thing is to make the person float on a board when getting to shore.

First aid for a Drowning Victim:

  • Once, the victim reaches the shore check for airway, breathing and respiration.
  • If there is breathing difficulty, start mouth to mouth respiration.
  • Call the emergency medical services immediately.
  • Remain with the victim till the medical help arrives.

What is a Recovery Position:

  • Recovery position should be given if the victim is breathing normally.
  • The arms are stretched at the shoulder level and is bent.
  • The legs are also on one side drawn at right angle.
  • This position helps in airway clearance if the victim resumes breathing.

After Care :

  • Remove the clothes that are wet and cover with warm blankets.
  • Let the victim remain in recovery position till the medical help arrives.
  • If you suspect spinal injury, do not move the victim.
  • Let the victim lie on his back.
  • Do not disturb the spinal alignment.
  • Wait patiently for the medical help to arrive.

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