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How to Survive a Derecho?

How to Survive a Derecho?


A Derecho is similar to a tornado except the winds travel straight instead of going in circles.Violent thunderstorms or showers also occur with a derecho.It is also called as a long-lived windstorm.They are most commonly seen in warm temperatures with its peak occurrences peaking in July. However, they have been observed during other months as well. Records state that many derecho events have occurred in United States and Canada during the last decades.

How to seek Shelter from a derecho:

  • If living in areas where derechoes are common,pay close attention to the weather news.
  • Never take warning signs of derecho for granted.
  • Leave,grab everyone and escape as soon as the warning signs are given.
  • If escaping is not possible,try to seek shelter in a secure place.
  • Do not go near a window as it may cause a major injury.
  • It is always recommended to get indoors to the basement of the house.
  • Never go for boating or any of the water sports as a derecho can overturn the boats with high waves.
  • Avoid barns as you could get injured by the falling debris.
  • Never drive a car or any vehicle as they could get overturned or crushed.
  • Do not come outdoors, as it is very dangerous because the electric poles and trees could get uprooted.
  • Take shelter in a room without windows preferably.
  • The meteorologists send warning signals, so always be attentive.
  • Avoid camping if a derecho warning has been given.
  • Do not panic as things get worst when you are tensed.
  • Stay calm and try to escape from the derecho.
  • Lastly, pray that safety is ensured and no harm takes place.

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