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First aid for Chemical Splash in the Eye

A chemical splash in the eye can most result in the science students carrying out the experiments at a laboratory. The chemicals in lab can sometimes spur out onto the face or the eyes. This can cause an irritation in the eyes.

In case there is a chemical splash in the eyes, take the following measures:

Clean your eyes with water:

Water can be the best way of getting rid of the chemicals in the eyes. One can use a Luke warm water or a tap water whichever is available.
One can even take the help of a shower, get into the shower and set the knob for a gentle stream. Let it flow over the forehead to the affected eyes. In case both the eyes are affected one can direct the stream at the bridge of the nose.
One has to be under the tap of shower for at least 20 minutes.

Turn the head from the side to expose the affected eyes to the running facet.

If it is a child or a younger one having the chemical splash. It can be helpful if you make them lie down on the bath tub or just lean backwards over a sink. And you can pour a gentle stream of water on their forehead over the affected eyes. Or at the bridge of the nose for both the eyes.

Wash the hands thoroughly:

It has to be made sure that the chemicals are no longer left on the hands before and after cleaning the eyes. Rinse your hands thoroughly to remove any traces of chemicals left on them.

Remove the contact lenses:

In case you are using the contact lenses, please remove them before trying to clean the chemicals in the eyes.

Precautions and care:

Do not rub the eyes, this can cause further damage.

Do not use any kind of eye drops on the eyes. One can use only water or the contact lens saline rinse on them.
And if the problem still persists call for medical help.

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