First Aid

First aid for Dislocation

Bone dislocation or the joint dislocation can be a case where the ends of the bones are forced out of the their normal positions. It can be the result of a trauma such as an accident or a fall. Anyway, dislocation can also be caused due some diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Dislocation can be a common symptom in people dealing with sports. And it can be found more often in people playing extreme sports. A dislocation mainly occurs in the joints, the joints connecting the shoulders, elbows , ankles, knees and the hip region.

Dislocation can also be found in smaller joints such as the fingers, thumb or the toes. The dislocation can cause a sudden swelling and pain or even may immobilise the joints affected.

A dislocation may need proper medical care and attention a proper rest provided can recoup those joints and ligaments back in form.

The first aid care for a dislocation can be explained as follows:

Get medical care immediately:

Dislocation needs urgent medical care and attention. Please get the necessary help as soon as possible to avoid any complications of the dislocation.

Get proper rest:

Do not move the dislocated joint. And do not try to fix the joint by yourself. This can cause more damage to the joints and the surrounding muscles, tissues and ligaments covering the joint.

Place an ice on the injured joint:

Putting an ice pack on the injured joint an alleviate the levels of pain and swelling in the joint. It can also help in controling the internal bleeding and building up of the fluids across the dislocated joint.

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