First Aid

First Aid Symbols

First aid is the initial treatment given to the victim before the actual medical arrives. First aid deals with several life saving tricks and techniques which are helpful in saving the life of the patient before actual medical aid arrives the location.

There are many symbols which represent first aid. The Red Cross is basically used to represent first aid but it actually not a symbol. It is an international society which represents not only medical aid but also ensures the respect in between the human beings. The society of Red Cross works to eradicate the suffering of the human being irrespective of nationality, race, religion, political views etc. The standard symbol of first aid is represented by a white or green cross in a green background.

First Aid a�� Signs And Symbols:

  • Standard Symbol Of First Aid:

    It is represented by a green or white cross in a green background.

  • First Aid Location Sign:

    It shows the arrow towards the direction where first aid can be taken.

  • Eye Wash Sign:

    It locates you to the place where you can wash your eyes in emergency situation.

  • First Aid Stretcher:

    It locates you to the place from where you can fetch the stretcher in emergency situations.

  • Emergency First Aid Station Sign:

    It locates the position of first aid in emergency situations.

  • Fire Extinguishers With Arrow Signs:

    It is the sign with arrow which can locate you towards fire extinguisher.

  • Fire Extinguisher With Cylinder Sign:

    It indicates that it is the cylinder which can be used to extinguish the fire.

  • Fire Alarm Sign With A Arrow:

    It indicates towards that alarm which can be pressed to spread the information of fire in case of of a breakout.

  • Danger Sign:

    This sign cautions to be safe from the object or area as it is dangerous. The sense of danger varies according to its location.

  • First Aid Kit Locked Inside:

    This sign indicated to the locked area from where first aid kit can be collected.

  • Exit:

    It is the sign which indication to the door from where exit can be made.

  • No Exit:

    This signs prohibits the exit of any one through that gate.

  • Emergency Exit Only:

    This signs depicts the exit only in emergency situations.

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